Working Win - helping businesses in Sheffield City Region

Working Win - helping businesses in Sheffield City Region

For individuals, health conditions frustrate their employment potential and harm their quality of life. And for local businesses, this causes disruptions, costs time, output and ultimately profits, and wastes the talents and business contributions of a skilled and dedicated workforce. 

The numbers are stark. Around 20% of working age adults experience a mental health condition every year and mental health issues cost the economy around £70bn every year. Stress, anxiety and depression are major issues, costing business 15 million lost days of work through sickness absence each year. Common physical health issues such as bad backs, shoulders and necks have similar impacts, and one-third of people with common physical health issues also experience mental health issues.

We know this cannot go on and that it’s in everyone’s interests to make a step change. And we also know that employers and individuals need more and better support to enable them to maximise their potential. 

The Health-Led Employment Trial is all about delivering that step change by better integrating work and health support, wrapped around people and employers, to work together with expert employment specialists in intensive, personalised, voluntary support. 

The Trial is already helping businesses in Sheffield City Region hire the right people for jobs and also help employers keep their staff fit and healthy at work. Residents with health conditions are getting tailored, practical help to find the right job for them and keep them flourishing and progressing in work.

Find out more about how the Health-Led Employment Trial can help you or your business. Contact the Health-led Employment Trial team by email on or by phone on 0114 2900218.

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