How can the Health Led Employment Trial help my business?

How can the Health Led Employment Trial help my business?

Giving businesses and individuals the effective support they need to find the right staff, move into work, and flourish in work takes a special kind of employment support: personalised, intensive, integrated, ambitious, supportive, voluntary and collaborative.

These values exist already in specialist programmes for individuals with severe mental health conditions called Individual Placement and Support (IPS). IPS is highly effective, with multiple evaluations showing it to have dramatically better outcomes than standard programmes at helping individuals with severe mental health conditions find, stay and flourish in the right job for them, and helping businesses find the right person for the role while keeping their staff fit, healthy and productive.

The Health Led Employment Trial starts from those same IPS foundations but aims to share those core values and performance successes to a much larger, wider group of residents and businesses.

It offers integrated work and health support to residents and businesses where individuals are experiencing low to moderate mental health and/or physical health conditions and where they either want to move into paid work or are in paid work but off sick or struggling.

It’s all voluntary, personalised and intensive. Tailored expert support for work and health needs is wrapped around individuals and employers and matched to unique people and businesses.

The aim is to unlock talents, maximise potential and support business.

And because it’s innovative and we need to know what works, it’s a trial, with half of all referrals heading to the service and half to existing support services.

Think it’s for you or your business? Contact the Health-led Employment Trial team by email on or by phone on 0114 2900218.


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