The Working Win health-led employment trial has been recognised in the NHS Long Term Plan.

The Working Win health-led employment trial has been recognised in the NHS Long Term Plan.

The Long Term Plan, which was launched this week and sets out how the NHS will deliver healthcare within the UK over the next 10 years, refers to the trial’s aim to test Individual Placement Support (IPS) as an effective way to support people with any health condition, as opposed to the current model which supports those only with severe mental illness.

It recognises that mental health and musculoskeletal conditions remain the main reason for sickness absence and that people who are off work for more than four weeks are more likely to fall out of work permanently. It also states that stable employment is a major factor in maintaining good health.

The plan declares that where support is shown to be successful, the NHS will ‘work with government to secure investment for future provision’.

The Working Win health-led employment trial is specifically testing whether the IPS treatment can support people with a health problem to find or stay in work and has now been running for nearly ten months with almost 3,000 people volunteering to be part of the research.

As a randomised control trial, volunteers are randomly selected to receive either the IPS support, which is being tested, or to go into the control group who will be directed to existing local services – both of which are crucial to the research in order to provide robust evaluation.

We still need another 4,000 people to volunteer to be part of this ground-breaking research. So if you are struggling to find work due to a low level physical or mental health problem or your health is affecting your current job, you may be eligible for the trial. You also need to be aged over 18 years and registered with a GP within South Yorkshire or Bassetlaw.

To sign-up for your first appointment now, where you will be assessed for eligibility and randomly selected for either branch of the trial, click here.


To read about the trial within the Long Term Plan, click here.

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