Paul - Working Win Employment Specialist

Paul - Working Win Employment Specialist

Paul has 15 years of direct involvement supporting people into work and providing careers advice to enable others to discover progression opportunities and plan their futures. He is a qualified IPS and Careers Adviser, Tutor and has delivered recruitment programs for DWP, Training Providers, Local Councils, and organisations such as Next & Morrisons. Paul also worked in Retail for over twenty years; in various roles up to Management level.

What inspires you?

“Making sure every person can realise they have skills and abilities that make them unique and valuable to employers. The smiles trial participants have when they realise their efforts have been worthwhile.”

What's your perfect weekend?

“Spending quality time with my wife and family on trips to local attractions and watching Doncaster Rovers win!”

What’s your favourite movie?

“Gladiator is immense, ET from my childhood, and Star Wars.”

What is your favourite thing about Working Win?

“That we have brilliant candidates with a wide range of skills sets, who are determined to get back to work and overcome their personal challenges. By focussing on individual strengths, valuing a person’s talents, it gives them hope and inspiration to prove themselves.”

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