Natalie - Working Win Employment Specialist

Natalie - Working Win Employment Specialist

I started off as an Apprentice in Customer Services at my local council when I was 17. After finishing my qualification, I moved into the Workforce Team; co-ordinating training for people who worked in social care, and monitoring training contracts.

What inspires you?

“My friends and family inspire me a lot – when I see them succeeding and living well I think ‘Yes, that’s what I want!’. My partner inspires me and always brings out the best in me, he’s my number one fan.”

What's your perfect weekend?

“I love lazy mornings snuggled on the sofa with a cup of coffee and my dog!  I also love cooking new things, paired with some great music and glass of wine while I do it!”

What’s your favourite movie?

“Any Disney film! I think the older you get, the more fun they are; especially when you can sing along. I hate any scary films, especially gory ones.”

What is your favourite thing about Working Win?

“Making a difference! It’s so rewarding knowing you are helping someone to achieve their career goals. Seeing someone thrive makes me so proud of the work we do.”

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