Michelle's Working Win story - from a hobby to a job

Michelle's Working Win story - from a hobby to a job

“After everything that had happened, when I landed my dream volunteer role I was ecstatic. I never would have had the confidence to apply if it hadn’t been for Working Win.”

Michelle was referred to Working Win through IAPT after struggling with anxiety and depression for six years following an abusive relationship. After ending the relationship, Michelle moved up to South Yorkshire with her daughter and was finding it difficult to get back into work.

“After working through my feelings with a therapist, we decided that I was at the stage where returning to work would be beneficial and achievable. I knew I couldn’t go back into the financial sector and I wanted to something I loved and enjoyed – that was arts and crafts.

“I worked with my coach on my CV to highlight my personal qualities along with all the work I had done in Maltby on craft projects. My coach also helped me create a disclosure letter explaining why I had been out of work for a while.”

Michelle began to look at online vacancies and applied for a volunteering position at ArtWork – an organisation that works with people with learning disabilities.

“Even after disclosing my past they still wanted to take me on board and thought I would be an ideal person to volunteer for the organisation. I was feeling on top of the world. To really top things off I was successful for a full-time role in administration!

“Over the sessions with my coach my attitude started to change, and I was feeling positive about the future. I finally was ready to put my past behind me and look towards the future.”

Michelle signed up to Working Win earlier this year. Supported by NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care, and the Department for Work and Pensions; Working Win is a free trial testing a new type of support for people with mental or physical health conditions that are affecting their work or their ability to find a job. If you live in South Yorkshire or Bassetlaw, you can learn more and refer yourself to the trial here.

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