Melanie - Working Win Employment Specialist

Melanie - Working Win Employment Specialist

Melanie worked in the Banking industry for 31 years, mostly in a leadership role. Whilst there, she completed an Advanced Diploma focussed around customer service in the financial services industry compared to other sectors. The best part Melanie’s role was being able to see customers change their lives through the support from either herself or her team. She gained much fulfilment supporting vulnerable customers; often these were people who thought there was nothing else that could be done to help them. She also loves to support her colleagues; Melanie can help anyone who wants to be helped and is proud of those who have developed either within their role or moving on to new roles.

What inspires you?

“Other than the obvious of my family, I would say the resilience of people who don’t realise how strong they are until they reflect on a situation they have come through. We all have different life experience and sometimes just hearing another person’s story is enough to inspire me.”

What's your perfect weekend?

“Sunshine, washing on the line and time to relax and read a good book…I love trying new recipes when I am in the mood, maybe with a nice glass of wine and good company.”

What’s your favourite movie?

“I am not good with films! They must be good, or I fall asleep (and yes, I have done this in the cinema!). I like something with a good plot to keep me interested, a thriller or drama, or a good chic film such as Dirty Dancing. I love a good boxset.”

What is your favourite thing about Working Win?

“Working with people as individual people; one size does not fit all, and Working Win really allows us as specialists to work with our customers to achieve what THEY want.”

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