Keaton - Working Win Employment Specialist

Keaton - Working Win Employment Specialist

Keaton graduated from Sheffield Hallam University last year after studying Psychology. Whilst on the course she took an interest in clinical psychology, especially Mental Health.  His interest in Mental Health led to a placement at Sheffield Mencap and Gateway; supporting individuals with learning disabilities. Keaton has always been driven by the desire to help people.

What inspires you?

“People inspire me. Meeting so many different people on placement and whilst working as a Work & Enterprise Coach has shown me there are so many unique and amazing people in our community and I’m just glad to keep meeting them.”

What's your perfect weekend?

“My perfect weekend is going to Bramall Lane and watching the Blades (as long as we win). “

What’s your favourite movie?

“Impossible to answer! “

What is your favourite thing about Working Win?

“Meeting new people. It’s giving people who may not have much social interaction, the chance to do so and I just really enjoy the conversations I have with people I meet.”

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