Looking for work? Our Job Board is easy to use.

Looking for work? Our Job Board is easy to use.

A new Job Board, which has been used by major businesses including McLaren and Wandisco, is offering dozens of opportunities for jobseekers across Sheffield City Region.

It’s easy to use, updated regularly with the latest openings in the Sheffield City Region, and can be searched by location, keywords, or salary.

Employers ranging from councils and logistics organisations to IT businesses are now advertising on the site here.

And many of them will provide supportive opportunities for people who may have experienced difficulties in finding work.

It’s also free for employers, who are given their own dedicated page which can be linked to their company website.

Candidates who register get the following free and secure help:

  • Job opportunities from top companies, updated regularly
  • Vacancies listed are only in the Sheffield City Region - making it easier to find local opportunities
  • Keyword, location and salary filters
  • Candidate profiles and CVs remain on the system, making it easier to apply for future roles
  • Employers can search for potential candidates (subject to data and privacy protections)

The Job Board is a joint initiative between Sheffield City Region, the nine local authorities that make up the City Region, and TribePad, a Sheffield-based software organisation specialising in bespoke recruitment sites for major names like the BBC, KFC and Tesco.

Sign up today to start benefiting from all that the Job Board has to offer.

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