Janice's Working Win story - from caring to the railways

Janice's Working Win story - from caring to the railways

“I love the outdoors and I’ve always wanted to work at the railway station but never thought I would - thanks to Working Win, here I am!”

Janice was a carer for 10 years but after ongoing health problems with her back and sciatica she had to reduce her role to light duties. However, after doing this for a few months, Janice was still in pain.

“After being let go because the company couldn’t support me to continue doing light duties, I went onto unemployment benefits and started going to the job centre. It was there that I heard about Working Win.”

After meeting Joe and talking through some options, Janice started a cleaning course, and soon after landed her dream job at the Railway Station.

“I never thought I would be interested in cleaning but after I got the qualification, I really fancied it! I was so glad when I got offered the job as I’ve always wanted to work at the station. Everyone I work with is lovely – they really look after you. It’s a very lonely place when you are out of work but now that I have a job my whole outlook has changed, and things are on the way up.

“I’m over the moon with my new role and it’s a real pleasure to come to work. I think one of my favourite things is when the passengers comment on how nice the station is looking – it makes you feel proud.

“I saw Joe every two weeks during my time with Working Win and it helped having someone there to talk too, someone who made you feel more positive about your situation.”

Janice summed up her experience with Working Win in a poem below:


For 9 years plus I worked in care,

Last year it had to end.

I hurt my back while working there,

I couldn't even bend.

It hurt to sit, to walk, to move,

I couldn't stand the pain,

I didn't think I'd ever feel,

Normality again.

The weeks went by, with little change,

Depression settled in,

Then suddenly, a bit of hope,

A scheme called Working Win.

Along I went to meet my coach,

A lovely man called Joe,

I answered questions, filled in forms,

Then I was good to go.

Joe told me about a cleaning course,

Starting very soon,

I went along, enjoyed the course,

A job could follow too.

And now, at last, I have a job!

It's good to feel of use.

Cleaning at the railway station,

(Not would most would choose!)

For me it is the perfect job,

Outside, and with the trains.

I take real pride in what I do,

And don't mind if it rains.

It isn't nice being out of work,

I'm glad it's in the past.

Thanks to Joe, and Working Win,

Life's good again at last.

Janice signed up to Working Win earlier this year. Supported by NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care, and the Department for Work and Pensions; Working Win is a free trial testing a new type of support for people with mental or physical health conditions that are affecting their work or their ability to find a job. If you live in South Yorkshire or Bassetlaw, you can learn more and refer yourself to the trial here.

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