Fire it Up - how apprentices will help your business Go Beyond

Fire it Up - how apprentices will help your business Go Beyond

The world is changing quickly, finding new talent to help your business develop and grow may sometimes feel like an impossible task, but apprenticeships open up a world of opportunities for employers and their staff.

Apprenticeships have evolved. No longer reserved for those at the very start of their working lives, you can now employ apprentices of all ages, at all stages of their careers.

Hiring an apprentice can help your business grow, diversify your skillset and freshen up your workforce.

This Apprenticeship Week, we’re discussing the benefits of hiring an apprentice.

  1. Grow talent to suit your business

Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way for any organisation to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

86% of employers said apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation and 78% reported improved productivity.

  1. Build a dedicated workforce

90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after completing an apprenticeship. Building a dedicated, loyal workforce can help your business flourish, taking your talent with you on your journey to growth.

  1. Get help from the Government

You can get help from the government to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment. Depending on the size of your business, you could receive up to £12,000 to help train an apprentice.

For businesses employing younger apprentices, a starting grant of £1000 is available. Find out more about funding available at

  1. Diversify your workforce

Apprenticeships are available across a number of sectors, for all ages and abilities. You can find help and support to find the right apprentice and training for your business at


Apprenticeship Week is running from 3 – 9 February 2020, find out more, plus information on events and opportunities at or by following @Apprenticeships or @FireItUp_Apps on Twitter.


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