Employers - How Can Apprenticeships Benefit You?

Employers - How Can Apprenticeships Benefit You?

Why Choose PeoplePlus as your apprenticeship provider

Employer focused, learner centric As an employer you want to ensure that you are choosing the right training provider who can help your business grow. At PeoplePlus we have a proven track record in developing partnerships that are driven by employer needs to achieve a return on investment whilst putting the learner at the heart of everything we do.

A quality provider – in the July 2017 Ofsted Inspection PeoplePlus were awarded a strong Grade 2 and commended on our working relationships with employers. Our success rates are above national average, with our trainer assessors have relevant industry experience and are committed to delivering innovative, flexible learning.

National reach with a local touch – Our national footprint means we can maximise our network and relationships with partners in key regions across the country. This also means if you’re a local or a national company we will be able to deliver a personal service.

A consultative approach and tailored delivery – we recognise that not all employers needs are the same, so we will work closely with you to design a package that is perfect for your business. Read more about the services we can offer. We can offer you a series of workshops, steering groups and dedicated account managers to ensure that your business is operating to it’s full potential.
We are committed to addressing your needs and seeing a positive impact on your business.

Our versatile, unique consultative approach has already won the trust of a number of employers across the UK 

We don’t specialise – instead we work our magic across any business sector and apply the special PeoplePlus touch to develop a unique client product by combining and contextualising. With over 1500 apprenticeship standards at our finger tips we can look at operating efficiencies to figure out what will make your company grow.

We also pay the levy – so we know what barriers, questions and challenges levy paying employers are facing. We don’t train for the sake of training, we build lasting partnerships that uses the levy to meet you short, medium and longterm business objectives.

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PeoplePlus is a leading public service provider, supporting tens of thousands of people each year. Our vision is to do everything we can, through our services and our care, to support people into independence, into work and onwards into career progression.

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