Director of Public Health welcomes Working Win programme

Director of Public Health welcomes Working Win programme

Rupert Suckling, the Director of Public Health at Doncaster Council, has welcomed the launch of the Health-Led Employment Trial in Sheffield City Region.

He said: "Health and wellbeing start with where we spend our time and, for those of us of working age, that means our workplaces and communities.

"There are many benefits from work, such that work can provide wages and material benefits that can be used on securing housing, heating and other costs of living. Work can provide identity,  self-worth and esteem within the family and wider community, as well as providing both personal satisfaction and social connection, all of which contribute to health and wellbeing.

"However, not all jobs are equal. Shift work, jobs in hazardous settings and those with little choice as to how a task gets done can make health and wellbeing worse. And those people with existing disabilities or health concerns especially mental health can find it more difficult to find and stay in work.

"However, personalised support backed up by changes to welfare, health and employer systems can change this balance."

To find out more information on the WorkingWin health-led trial, or to sign up, visit the referrals website here.

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