Chris - Working Win Employment Specialist

Chris - Working Win Employment Specialist

Chris started his working life in the Retail Industry back in 1984, and for many years he worked in various roles at various companies. Thankfully for us, in 2013 Chris decided to have a career change.  After taking the step into Support Work he spent two and a half years at Mencap and 2 years at Sheffield Mind. During this time Chris also became a qualified Person-Centred Psychotherapist.

What inspires you?

“I am inspired by people who, despite the challenges they face, choose to take on life and constantly strive to reach their full potential. Whatever they decide that is.

I am also inspired by knowledge and how this can improve my understanding of supporting people.”

What's your perfect weekend?

“My perfect weekend would be jetting off to Northern Europe with my Family.

Things would start with Coffee and a light breakfast, followed by a walk by the river and a look round the museums in the city. The day would end with a quiet relaxing evening meal with loads of good food, good drinks and good conversation.

On a Sunday we would do it all again.”

What’s your favourite movie?

“I do not watch many movies as I prefer Scandi Crime Dramas.

However, I do like films where the underdog beats the system and makes the world a better place. Check out “Roadhouse” with Patrick Swayze.”

What is your favourite thing about Working Win?

“My favourite thing about Workingwin is meeting the trial participants and watching them grow throughout our time together. I am so grateful to all of my participants for allowing me to support them and be a part of their Journey.”

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