Apprenticeship success story - Neil Beresford

Apprenticeship success story - Neil Beresford

Neil and the team at Professional Response decided to recruit an Apprentice to help ensure longevity for their business. They had recognised that the company was anticipating the retirement of a number of key staff members, so they looked into recruiting an Apprentice in order to invest in their workforce whilst looking to the future of the business. 

"Investing in staff was a decision that was made because we've got to look to the future. It seemed the perfect way to develop George as an investment for the company."


Whilst Neil was initially apprehensive about how the investment in an Apprentice may increase the company's workload, in the end he found that training their Apprentice, George, in his role was nowhere near as stressful as he had imagined, thanks to the support of The Sheffield College. 

"The Sheffield College are very proactive. They do regular visits to the site to check on the role of the Apprentice; what he's getting out of it, if he's happy and if we're happy with him. That has been a major positive as far as I'm concerned because it just takes so much pressure off."


Overall, Neil and the rest of the team at Professional Response have found their experience of recruiting an Apprentice through The Sheffield college a very positive one.

"I would definitely recommend to other other companies to take on Apprentices if they're looking to invest in more staff. They can teach them how to fit into their role and what's expected of them. I would definitely recommend them to anybody."

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