Amanda - Working Win Employment Specialist

Amanda - Working Win Employment Specialist

Amanda previously worked as a Call Centre Manager and High St Recruitment Consultant. She is a Qualified Careers Officer/Trainer and has worked for the last 20 years supporting people with complex needs and barriers into work.

What inspires you?

"Supporting people to make positive changes to their lives and seeing how happy they are when this is achieved"

What's your perfect weekend?

"Spending time with family and friends, including my 2 young grandsons. Either on the coast or in the countryside; taking in a nice meal and relaxing with a good film at the end of the day"

What’s your favourite movie?

“ 'The King and I' closely followed by 'Ghost' ”

What is your favourite thing about Working Win?

"It inspires me to be my best; knowing that participants' opinions are being used to create a new service for the future. Talking to people at ground level has got to be a good move to get a valuable and useful service for all"


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